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The Trainee-lead Research and Audit Collaborative (TRACE) is a binational organisation combining the resources, experience and personnel of multiple trainee-lead research networks (TRNs) in Australia and New Zealand.

Our core aims are:

• To promote collaboration on research, quality improvement and audit projects between groups of trainees in different TRNs within Australia and New Zealand
• To share resources and facilitate international communication and networking between groups of interested clinicians
• To provide trainees with greater experience in academic anaesthesia and generate ongoing benefits for career progression and professional development

Direct cooperation between large groups of anaesthetic trainees on research and audit projects is a new and evolving concept in Australasia, providing exciting opportunities for consolidating experience and understanding of evidence-based medicine, as well as developing important research skills.

TRACE is comprised of TRNs based in New Zealand, Queensland, Victoria, Western Australia and New South Wales. We are in an early stage of development and welcome input from motivated, enthusiastic clinicians with an interest in quality improvement, research and audit.

What are TRNs?

Trainee-led research networks (TRNs) are organised collectives of clinicians at any stage of training working together on a wide variety of research and audit projects under the oversight of an executive committee. These organisations strongly advocate for projects designed and implemented by trainees, for the benefit of trainees.

This model of academic anaesthesia has been well established in other countries, such as the Research and Audit Federation of Trainees (RAFT) in the United Kingdom. It has many benefits for trainees, including the development of teamwork and research skills, avenues for publication and presentation, and leadership opportunities.


A list of current and past TRACE projects is being compiled. For more information or to get involved, please contact us using the form below.

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